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IMV unites University researchers engaged in virus research

Seeking to improve the health of Minnesota through education, outreach, and basic, clinical, and translational research.

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Advancing the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of viral disease

IMV breaks down barriers that exist in traditional academic ‘siloes’ to foster collegial interactions that result in new scientific collaborations, advancing the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of viral disease.

Community of Virologists

The Institute for Molecular Virology fosters a collegial and highly interactive community of virologists, which provides a very attractive atmosphere in which to recruit new virologists to the University. 

Virologists, particularly senior faculty, are looking for the added value of joining an institution that provides the infrastructure for fostering and encouraging interactions among virus researchers that can be viewed by the recruit as the type of collegial environment that can enhance their research program through new interactions and collaborations. 

In this regard, IMV has aided other units in virology with faculty recruitment and retention, as well as stimulating new initiatives and new scholarly productivity in the form of grants and publications resulting from an interactive and collegial environment.  Such activity helps to emphasize the vibrant and active research community of virus researchers that is particularly attractive to faculty being recruited to IMV and the University.